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Memorize only one password!

Speed up log-in; reduce typos — use simple 'click-and-paste method to log-in'.

With Passwords Tracker+ software you can easily manage and organize your passwords and other log-in information.



passwords tracker v5.2.8 for windows

With Passwords Tracker+ you’ll be able to use strong passwords without having to memorize hard-to-crack passwords, security questions and more! The default PwRecord form and listing present all the essential information you’ll need to be connected without worrying about your access to your favorite sites. Additional features include PwRecord archiving, quick password and user-id copying and pasting for extra quick and easy log-on to any internet account! Get the FREE version today!

Log In User Id and Password Form

FREE Download!

Before purchasing a software user license download the Free version and use it for as long as you want. If you find that you need more capacity, then you should purchase a user license. FREE The Free version is a single user version and is setup with a auto-log-in feature.

FREE download is available via checkout; add the item to the cart and go through checkout. There is no charge.

With Passwords Tracker+ now you can:

  • Keep track of all of your passwords
  • User names
  • Security questions and your secret answers!
  • Contact information and notes
  • Set expiration dates
  • Archive records
  • Categorize your PwRecords by:

  • Type, Sub-type, and Purpose.
  • Edit Type, Sub-type, and Purpose value lists to match your own needs.
  • Organize your accounts as:

  • Search by any field or any portion of it or a combination of multiple fields!
  • Copy, cut, and paste to and from the PwT+ into your account sign-in screen or documents
  • Attach a document to any account record (a picture, MP3 file, a movie or any other file: contract, manual, memo, and much more.)

With PwT+ you have easy access to all of your user-names and passwords for all of your:

  • social networking sites
  • shopping sites
  • email accounts
  • ebanking accounts
  • registered domain names and hosting accounts
  • applications, and more!

Personalize your PwT+ as you need to or want to, be creative!

Free-User PwT+ Features

  • Single user version
  • Easy navigation with icons or top menu bar
  • Organize your accounts into groups by type, sub-type and purpose
  • Define your own drop down value selection fields for: type, sub-type, and purpose
  • Predefined lists/reports, table
  • Zoom In/Out option – Easy to read
  • Duplicate record – speeds up data entry
  • Cut, Copy, Paste, and Undo
  • Spell Checker (English)
  • Find/Replace data – in one/all records
  • QuickFind button on tables and lists
  • Attach a document to Account record (picture, file, movie, object)
  • Open Account’s URL directly from PwT+ ( use as searchable favorites)
  • Export to Excel (cvs format)
  • Import from Excel (cvs format)
  • Single/multi criteria search
  • Column sorts
  • Parent/child – related dependencies
  • Multiple Note Tabs
  • Password Security Questions
  • Random Password Generator, 7-42 characters
  • Multiple back up options
  • Password protected, and more

Passwords Tracker+ Pro features include:

  • Multi-user (for family/office)
  • Admin user management: create, delete, activate, or de-activate users
  • User PwRecords re-assignment one or all records
  • Import records from backups
  • Export records
  • Store unlimited number of records – limited only by your system!

System Requirements

    To install and run Passwords Tracker+ you need minimum:

  • CPU: 1 GHz or faster x86 or x64 processor
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Microsoft Windows 64-bit architecture
  • Windows 10 Pro Edition and Windows 10 Enterprise Edition
  • Windows 8.0-8.1 Standard and Windows 8.1 Pro
  • Windows 7 (SP1) Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium
  • Microsoft .NET framework version 4.5 or later.
  • Internet Browser
  • A CD or DVD drive (if you purchased a CD version)
  • SVGA 800×600 or higher resolution video adapter and display
  • A mouse or other pointing device

PwT+ Accounts screen

Get your own personal Passwords Tracker+ today!


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